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Celebrating 150 Podcast Episodes and Blogs

Thank you to YOU, our listener, for joining us in this journey of 150 podcasts with companion blogs! This pause invites us to explore Tim’s favorite 5 episodes and Leah’s favorite 5 episodes followed by YOUR favorites!! What is your personal favorite? As you know the blogs here at Nurturing My Nest have companion conversations on Embrace Your Everyday podcasts.

Tim’s Favorite 5 Episodes:

Hope and Forgiveness with Dr. Brenda Caldwell

10 Ideas for Preparing for Overnight Guests

Leah’s Decadent Four Layer Lemon Cake

GRIT – 5 Characteristics of Grit

Toxic Thinking: Renewal Through Neuroplasticity

Leah’s Favorite 5 Episodes:

Biblical Literacy @ Home: 7 Easy Ways to Grow Your Children at Home

Who Am I? What is My True Identity?

Private Worship

How to Make Friends and Keep Them

A Passionate Advocate for Women’s Mental Health: Donna Robart

Listener’s Favorite 15 Episodes:

15. Ideas for Raising Boys (Strangely, not Ideas for Raising Girls)

14. Grit – 5 Characteristics of Grit

13. Empty Arms: Infertility, Miscarriage and Children

12. Biblical Literacy @ Home: 7 Easy Ways to Grow Your Children Spiritually at Home

11. Hospitality Habits

10. Speedy Kitchen Cleanup in 5 Easy Steps

9. Strength of Influence

8. A Passionate Advocate for Women’s Mental Health: Donna Robart

7. 20 Social Skills to Improve Your Sociability

6. Hedges: Loving Your Marriage Enough to Protect It

5. Packing for College

4. Creative Parenting

3. Journey of Parenting Through Hard Seasons: Parenting an Adult Alcoholic

2. Life Giving Words

1. When God Calls a Woman: A Conversation with Shirley Davis

Thank you to all of you who are reading our blogs and listening to our podcast conversations!! You are the reason that we spend the time writing, recording and sharing this content. Let us hear from you on topics that you would like to hear more about as we look ahead.

Thank you for listening!

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