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Although life is full of highs and lows, more time is spent in those in-between moments. This podcast is about doing the small everyday things which enable
you to do the grand things in your marriage, home and family.
Live a life you will remember.

Embrace Your Everyday


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Home is not really a place as much as it is a feeling of being wanted and welcome. It is about doing the little things each day that create memories with our people in our homes. Gather ideas to create practical routines and rhythms that allow families to focus on creating memories.

How to Create a Home

How to Love Your Husband Better

Looking for ideas on how to keep your marriage HOT? Interested in hearing 10 things TO DO to build a strong marriage? Need to hear what NOT TO DO if you want a strong marriage?

what you'll learn here: 

How to Parent with Intentionality

Let’s be honest…parenting is just hard work. While raising five children, we collected ideas for raising boys and raising girls. Let’s just say that we are not shy in admitting that we implemented some creative parenting.

I'm Leah, your new get-it-done friend.

We all have the opportunity to create intentional habits in our everyday. It is those little changes we make in each day that create moments which make our lives. Just do one thing different and you could change your life.

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Embrace Your Everyday podcast invites you to gain inspiring ideas for your home, family, marriage, parenting and faith. Live a life you will remember.
Invest your days in things that will last longer than you.
Remember, your life is not a dress rehearsal.

My superpower is helping you become the best version of yourself while pursuing the kind of life you actually want....
one with abundant freedom, joy, and peace. 

- Katie

"I'm an avid podcast listener, and this one is my new favorite!! Tim and Leah are very open and share incredible wisdom on marriage and everyday life. I'm excited to begin implementing in my own marriage."

Five Stars:

- Hailey

"Every time I tune in to this podcast, my mind is blown and I can't scribble down notes fast enough. It's pure gold!"

Five Stars:

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