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If Your Walls Could Talk

Perhaps you have walked into a home that is entirely wrapped in a warm and welcoming feeling. You smell bacon and fresh muffins. You glance around noticing the lived-in look with comfy pillows and a few soft blankets tossed about the living spaces. As you take in the curated surroundings, the thoughtfully placed scripture verses draw your eye. Even in the corner restroom you notice a wall full of thoughtful verses. Since they are placed strategically, you have time to read them all. Throughout your visit you find your host and hostess very engaging and kind. You feel valued. You feel inspired. You feel curious. As you reflect on this experience you realize that although no words concerning the spiritual words were exchanged, the environment communicated loudly to your heart.

Scripture Walls

The walls of our homes are clear indicators of the people who live inside. What do your walls say? What would someone who walked around your home without you know about you? What would they know about your impressions about God?

Would they see fine art? Would they only see evidence of your accomplishments? Would they meet your family? Would they respond to the words in random signage? Would they perceive that a Christ follower lived in your home?

If your walls could speak, what would you want them to say?

Some thoughts about creating an intentional life involve strategically placing scripture verses throughout your living space. My favorite location for scripture is in the bathroom across from the toilet. While this seems a little bit funny to say, I am positive that it works well in accomplishing my goals. My intention is to encourage frequent reading of the scripture. When placing scripture in an area with continual viewing, it is quickly memorized. Can you think of a more appropriate spot to promote reading? This location promotes meditation. Just saying. While I prefer Bible verses, I also post quality quotes and motivation in critical locations throughout our home.

Outside of photos I purposely hang as many Bible verses on my walls as I can possibly fit. One of the little girls that grew up at my house instantly memorized any verse that I posted anywhere in the house. To this day, she rattles them off perfectly. This is a true testament to a successful idea. Try it.

Photo Walls

One of the conflicts for me concerning wall space is whether to desire wall space or windows. The struggle is real. Photos of family are most important as they are a sort of visual history. Photos bring family that is grown or not alive back to us as clearly as the day that lives eternally in the photo. Photos build relationships such as the marriage bond. Photos remind us of the happy times in our journey.

Look for spaces to post the history of your adventures. Print pictures of your immediate family as well as your extended family. Play the historian. What does your home communicate about you? Is it full of decorations or photos of those you love? Clearly, I value pictures of the faces that are dearest to me as well as those who mark moments in my story. I celebrate people. That is why I love taking pictures. That is why I love posting pictures. That is why I love celebrating the stories behind the people.

Message Walls

Other items covering our walls and in frames might include meaningful quotes. We also praise hard work, so we look for ways to display awards and meaningful accomplishments. It is critical that our homes celebrate the family living within its walls. Our words as well as our walls should offer honor to those we love.

One of my favorite passages in 2 Peter 1:5-8 reminds me of what I must do to avoid being ineffective and unfruitful. God calls me to make a diligent effort to supplement my position as a child of God by pursuing virtue, knowledge, self-control, consistency, God-likeness, brotherly affection, and love. This is one of the verses hanging in our downstairs bathroom.

Take some time to walk around your home imagining that it is the first time you have seen the walls of your home. What is your home saying by what is on the walls? What could you add? What scripture, photos and messages would communicate what you want your family and visitors to know? As a Christ follower are you using your home to speak God’s truth about how he values each one of us? Are your walls speaking beautiful values from the Bible? Are your walls enriching those who visit?

If your walls could talk, what would we hear?

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