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The Value of Good Father



Fatherhood on earth actually comes from the fatherhood of God.  From the very beginning Christ is the perfect father.  He created fatherhood on earth as an introduction to who he is.

If you have not watched Show Me the Father, a movie/documentary by the Kendrick brothers, you need to plan to see it as soon as possible. My brother recommended the movie as it came out. We purchased it immediately and have been organizing watch parties frequently.

As we consider what makes a good father, the following characteristics have been identified by this movie. We concur with all that is presented in this film. One of our heart’s greatest desires is to encourage young women to look for a teammate who will father in this way. Young men who aspire to be a father should aim for these qualities. Men who are already fathers should aim for these values.

A GOOD DAD is a:


A father should view himself as a provider of not just physical things for his family, but be a spiritual example as well. 

Matthew 6:11 “Give us this day our daily bread.”


A father should also be a strong protector for his family.  You see families falling apart when father’s don’t step in and protect their wives, children and families.  Matthew 9:9-13


A father should be a Loving Leader.  Matt. 3:17   Don’t be passive.  Lead by example.  Coach your children with clear direction and lead them with love and winning the hearts of his children.


A father should also be a Truthful Teacher to his children.    

If there is something you want your kids to learn, you should take responsibility to teach them. 

Proverbs 4:1-4 “Listen my sons to a father’s instruction, pay attention and gain understanding.


A father should be a willing helper to his children. 

Look for ways to serve your children.  Get your hands dirty and work to meet their practical day to day needs.  

Psalms 10:14 


A father should also be a hopeful encourager. 

Cheer your kids on toward success.  Walk them through the hard times and give them hope for the future.

Hebrews 12:5

As our children age, a father will take on the role of a friend.  John 15:15  

We should view fatherhood as an introduction to our Heavenly Father.  We should ask God to help us be a good representation of who He is to our own children.  

Join us for a conversation on the Value of a Good Father on Embrace Your Everyday podcast.

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