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Lies Women Believe

Women are inundated with lies about God, about ourselves, our marriage and about children. One of my favorite concise resources on this topic comes from Nancy Leigh DeMoss Wolgemuth in her book Lies Women Believe. Although I have used this resource many years ago to teach women’s small groups, I still feel it offers fresh and relevant thoughts for our every day today. What are some of these lies? What are the truths needed to combat these lies?

Our content here and on our podcast Embrace Your Everyday is geared as supporting home and family which are at the center of what God intends for our core community.

Here are a few lies women believe on these topics:

Lies about GOD

  • God is not really good.
  • God does not love me.
  • God is just like my father.
  • God is cruel and overbearing.
  • God is not really enough.
  • God’s Word is not sufficient.
  • I need someone or something more. (shopping, food, friends, house)
  • God cannot forgive what I have done.
  • God’s way are too restrictive.
  • God should fix my problems.
  • God has not come through for me.

Lies about ME

  • I am not worth anything.
  • I am not responsible for my sinful choices.
  • I cannot help the way I am.
  • I can sin and get away with it. (No reaping and sowing.)
  • Someone else is responsible for the way I am.
  • It is okay to do what I need to do in order to get my needs and longings met.
  • I should not have to live with unfulfilled longings. (sexual, lustful, gluttony, envy)
  • I have my rights. (fosters rebellion)
  • My sins are not really that bad.
  • I cannot walk in victory over sin.
  • A career outside of my home is more satisfying than being a wife and mother.
  • I don’t have time to do everything I am supposed to do.
  • External beauty is far more important than inner character.
  • I am a victim.

Lies about MARRIAGE

  • I just have a husband to be happy.
  • My husband is the reason I am unhappy.
  • Marriage is a democracy.
  • I am a doormat.
  • It’s my responsibility to change my husband.
  • I just can’t take any more.
  • My husband is supposed to serve me and make me happy (bondage).
  • My circumstances will never change.
  • I can have an emotional relationship with a man other than my husband and it will not harm my marriage.
  • I would be so much better off if I could just run away.
  • My marriage is hopeless.
  • If my husband is unfaithful, I could never forgive him.
  • If my husband does not love and respect me, I have a right to leave.
  • I should not have to put up with suffering in my marriage.
  • I would be happier married to another man.

Lies about CHILDREN

  • Children are a burden.
  • I must decide how many, and when I will have children.
  • All children go through teenage rebellion.
  • I could do more for God if I did not have children.
  • Children should be exposed to the “real world.”
  • I am not responsible to teach my children spiritually. Spiritual formation is the job of the church.

TRUTH about GOD!!

God is Good!!

God loves me!

God is enough!

God can be trusted!

God’s grace is sufficient for my situation.

Jesus is truth!

His Word, the Bible, is truth.

My beliefs represent my worldview. It is critical that I renew my mind with the truths that God reveals in His Word. Initially, that means that I must know God’s Word. Continually, I must identify toxic thinking and pursue healthy, truthful thinking. Regularly, I must celebrate with a grateful spirit. It is the every day habits that make up my life.

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