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10 Minute Face

So, what is a 10 minute face?

Whose ideas is this?

What other kind of faces are there?

What can you actually do to your face in 10 minutes?

What is this important to “embrace” your “everyday”?

You might ask how I started doing my 10 minute face. Like so many of the best ideas in my everyday, this one also comes from my mother. At this moment I might add that I had a classy, beautiful, youthful mom. So, I paid attention to anything she told me about beauty!! I wanted to be just like her when I grew up.

A 10 minute face is one that you put on in 10 minutes. It is that simple. I used to say a 5 minute face, but I think it is really more like a 10 minute experience. We talk frequently about everyday routines. This one is pretty important!

The success of this process is helped by nighttime routines. See this recent blog and podcast on Nighttime Routines.

For clarification, some days you need to spend a great deal more time on your face. Maybe you are having pictures taken. Maybe you will need to make a presentation. Maybe you will be seeing many people for long hours and you need to look really fabulous. This content is not outing the need for a longer preparation time on those days. The hope behind this blog is that you will find strength and beauty is taking care of yourself in this way everyday.

What other kind of faces are there? Well, there are one hour and two hour faces out there every day. Some poor girls look like they have a degree in makeup, eye lashes and conturing.

What can you actually do to your face in 10 minutes? Let me break this down:

  • Hop out of bed. (You can’t start the timer until you hop out of bed, turn around and make your bed. Really, this is about living your very best life. If you have not figured this little part out, making your bed first thing means that you have already accomplished something. You have set a pattern of success early in the day.)
  • Wash your face with warm water and cleanser.
  • Brush your teeth. (Floss and brush your teeth.)
  • Apply mouisturizer.
  • Apply a light foundation.
  • Add neutral shadow, eyeliner and mascara. (For most days, just keep it simple. Apply one eye shadow color into the crease of your eye lid. It is an everyday. No need to be fancy. You just want to be fresh and pretty.)
  • Add some easy blush.
  • Apply a neutral lip liner and lipstick or gloss.
  • Smile at your fresh, clean beauty self in the mirror
  • Quickly pack all of your supplies back into their place in the bathroom. Wipe the sink and mirror.
  • Note the time. You should be done easily in 10 minutes.
  • Time to dress and grab a protein breakfast.

So, why is it important to “embrace” this “everyday” idea? What is the alternative? We all know people who think it is funny to just roll out of bed and appear “natural” to everyone they meet that day. Whether you are trying to think of someone or not, you are visualizing someone who has not taken the time to do a 10 minute face.

“The first hour is the rudder of the day.” —Henry Ward Beecher

Don’t neglect to set the tone for your day. Enjoy this routine as it makes you feel more confident of yourself. Do for everyone else that you will encounter in your day. This is really about being the very best version of yourself.

Let’s back this up for just a minute. Think of all the things that have to be done for maintenance every day. Some of what leads to morning success is preparation. You do you, but it is very relaxing to establish a nighttime routine to create space to take a bath, wash your hair, moisturize your face and skin, shave your legs along, paint your nails, select an outfit for tomorrow along with a myriad of other things. For me, nighttime offers time without a pressing deadline. Those who know me well know that I want to get into pajamas as soon as possible each night. At home pedicures and significant skin care are always part of my routine. Because I prioritize taking the time to take the time to care for myself in the evening, I am free to bounce on that 10 minute face each morning.

Undoubtedly, some days call for a longer, more intense application of makeup. However, for most days, this works. When you know you need more, just give yourself the needed time without rushing!

From the time I was 13 years old, I followed this rhythm. My mother told me that if I would use skin care regularly in the morning and the evening when I was 12 years old, I could then wear makeup when I was 13 years old. My habits continue today. Throughout my teen years, my college years, my early marriage years, my mom of babies years, my mom of anything years and even today in my empty nesting years, I am doing that 10 minute face on most mornings.

I do it for myself.

I do it to stay attractive to my husband. (Shhhhh. You should never stop encouraging your husband to pursue you. This is simple. Do you or I look better with or without a 10 minute face? As we say at our house, “Is that a real question?”)

I do it because I think it represents the best version of myself.

Join me for a conversation on this topic at Embrace Your Everyday podcast.

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