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The Value of a Mom

My beautiful mom, Aloha Vance, who deserves a standing ovation! I love you, Mom!


What is the value of a mom?

This is a question that begs an answer on a regular basis. It is not an entry level job with part-time hours. When a mom is home with a baby, pre-schoolers or teens, she often struggles through the mundane or frustration of the daily grind. The whirl of repetitive domestic duties blurs the pertinent and permeating preeminence of a mom’s impact on her children. While the significance of her influence seems hazy in the everyday dash, a heavenly perspective motivates moms to lighten their step, illuminate the successes of the past, and enjoy the simple gifts of today.

We all have a mother. Perhaps your mom was not the mom you wanted. Assuming you are an adult, mark the areas where your mom did a wonderful job.  Where you have disappointments, adopt the attitude, “It is what it is.”  Honor your mom for the things she did correctly. If there are serious problems, search out counseling as a third party greatly increases working forward successfully.

For those of you who have had an outstanding mom, celebrate her! Show her thoughtfulness and kindness every chance you are given. Call her on a regular basis. Discover what makes her feel loved. Spend time with her as often as possible. Tell others how she has impacted your life. I can certainly say that my mother is reflected in me daily.

Let me tell you about my mom.




In my earliest memories I can see my mom. My childhood was filled with adventures. I was a missionary kid.  Some who grow up on the mission field focus on what they think they missed in the states. Since I arrived in a third world country when I was just six months, it was my normal.  I remember standing by my mother in church. I would look up at her thinking she was always so pretty.  I remember sitting on the patio doing homeschool and painting while she read out loud to us. I would hold her hand. I remember listening to my mother pray. I knew that she loved me. I have always been glad she was my mom. So much of who I am is because of who she was.

My mother taught me domestic skills, serving, teaching, homeschooling and spiritual living.  When I was a senior in high school, she allowed me to run the house so that I would have confidence that I could do everything I needed once I was out on my own. This included laundry, grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning and general maintenance. Because she had really honed in on these skills individually, there were only minor bumps as I worked to combine them. From the time I was 12 years old, I taught beside her in Sunday school classes, VBS and five-day clubs in rural areas. My parents were missionaries before I was born, so I grew up seeing churches planted. Through my years as an adult, I continued to serve in these areas. Giving back multiplies the investment of my mother.  


Because we lived out of the country, my mother faced the choice of homeschooling or boarding school as I approached Kindergarten. The decision was easy. Mom spent my early years reading to us and teaching us school alongside her missionary responsibilities. I remember those early years with fondness. Of all the different school experiences of our academic years, I loved homeschooling best. While homeschooling is not the best selection for every mom or every student, I am grateful my mom chose to homeschool us. We spent so much of my childhood together.

Lastly, but probably most importantly, my mother guided me spiritually. As a girl about five years old, I noticed that my mother would rise early and head to the patio to read her Bible and pray. This pattern peaked my curiosity. I decided to eavesdrop. I saw her in her chair reading and praying. As I moved closer, I could hear her talking to God as if he was truly real. Over the years, I heard her speak to God about specific needs. Then I recognized how he would answer. Her consistency and sincerity drew me to the Lord.

Being a mom is hard work every day. To be entrusted with the life, health and development of a tiny human growing into a mature, reflective and capable adult takes commitment and prayer. A mother’s investment insists on time and energy covered with prayer and hope. If you are a mom look beyond the daily busyness. Look to the future results of each of your everyday activities. Stop to plan. Dream goals. Implement. 

Celebrate the gift that God has given you when he entrusted you with motherhood. What an honor! Perhaps I will relate my struggle to become a mother in a future blog. While we are immensely thankful for our five children, we grieved the loss of six babies as we started our family. Many days I doubted whether we would have a family. But that is a story for another day. Today, I am grateful to be a mom!

Enjoy your mothering!! Celebrate all your jobs! Appreciate the season!

What Does a Mom DO Everyday?

When your day seems long and unproductive, make a list of what you do all day. Here are a few things that might be on your list:



food fetcher

baby feeder, burper, diaper changer, bather, rocker



house cleaner – vacuum, mop, dust, bathrooms, sorter, organizer, delegator


mender of rips, hems, buttons

seamstress when needed


gifter for birthdays, Christmas, babies, weddings, anniversaries and more

errand girl

dry cleaner dropper and collector

hair stylist for everyone

hair cut person

involuntary volunteer



AWANA leader

Scout mom

VBS teacher

Sunday school teacher

story teller

guitar player

birthday party giver (invitations, cake maker, party favors, game planner, thank  you note person)

attend church, meetings, music practices, football games, soccer games, baseball  practices, mom’s meetings


tamer of the paper monster (We all have these, don’t we? Do you have mail?)

cleaner -upper (Really, can no one else clean up gross messes?)

social calendar coordinator

routinely deep cleaning the garage, closets, ovens, refrigerator, bathrooms and such

seasonal clothes sorting and purchasing for all children

shoe accessor and shopper (a revolving activity here)

cutting 100 nails every Friday night (Do the math for five kiddos. I have graduated  out of this job, but it was memorable.)

car washer  (Isn’t the cleaning out process longer than the washing and vacuuming part?)

emergency responder

driving instructor (No one tells you how fun this job will be.)

problem solver

locator of all missing or “unseen” items

doctor visit appointment maker and transporter

teacher of all academic subjects (includes selecting materials, purchasing them at  the best price and planning the daily assignments, grading and correcting)

room checker

historian – photographer, journalist, video taker


lover of books

wasp and spider killer

referee (One of my least favorite jobs)


date for my husband to work related events (I like this one.)

or just a date for my hubby for no reason




lover of the Lord

child of God

worshipper of the God of the universe

A Standing Ovation

In conclusion, this blog affirms the immeasurable influence a mom possesses over her child. Any mom willing to dedicate the time and work required to motherhood deserves a standing ovation. Act with confidence! Feel appreciated today!

Know your worth!

Mom, you are valuable!

Join me for a conversation on this topic with Tim @ Embrace Your Everyday podcast.

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  1. Georgette Hendree says:

    Leah, this is a beautiful way to honor mothers and especially your mother. The Serrano’s used incorporated all mother’s, even if all they did was carry them for nine months and then God entrusted them to the mother who is to raise them.; finish the journey. ALL mother’s should be honored no matter what part they played in that child’s life. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Patti Ellis says:

    Because of your mom you are the Proverbs 21 woman, who in turn have passed these attributes down to your children. Your legacy of devotion to your family and the Lord will last many lifetimes as your children enjoy a personal relationship with Jesus. Happy well lived Mother’s Day to you and your mother this year and many years to come as you reap the benefits of seeing your children achieve the ultimate of life……living for the Lord.

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