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Keep a Clean Home with this Easy Weekly Routine

Keeping a clean home is hard work, but it is not impossible. Over the years as the oldest of four siblings and mother of five kids, I have collected some ideas about efficiency. In college I cleaned houses for my college money. Through the years that have followed, I have put in the hours cleaning. One of the secrets is to keeping a clean home is to contemplate what needs to be done weekly and placing it on a workable schedule. Being consistent and thorough will really promote a happy result. In response to numerous requests on how I keep my home weekly, here are my best thoughts:

Weekly Responsibilities 

Cleaning needed for the whole week was divided into several days instead of all on one day.

Monday: wash clothes, change sheets and towels, sweep outside front and back doors/patio, iron

Tuesday: clean bathrooms (showers, toilets, sinks, mirrors, floors)

Wednesday: straighten, pick up and put away, dust

Thursday: vacuum whole house (including stairs), mop all floors in kitchen, bathroom and patio areas.

Friday: Fun Friday. Finish anything that did not get done during the week. Do a deep cleaning project. Or just run errands and have fun with a friend.

Saturday: outside responsibilities together, meal plan, shop for food

Sunday: worship at church together. Spend time with family and friends. Rest. Enjoy having friends and family for a meal and conversation. Food preparation for the week.

Formulate a personalized schedule for your home and family. The food gathering and meal preparation is really a key to success as you work on this goal. Consider your work responsibilities, your anticipated fatigue during the week, conflicts, commitments and additional work that might need to be done in your home. When the day is crazy, choose to push it to tomorrow or just do the work next week on that day. It is important to be kind to yourself as you aim for consistence and efficiency. Flexibility goes a long way in keeping your home consistently clean.

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