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Car School

One of the easiest and most productive habits a mom or dad can cultivate for noticeable success is implementing car school. Whether you home school or choose to do school in a traditional way, you likely realize how difficult it is for your child to sit still to memorize, read or listen. Some children are naturally bent toward these behaviors, but many are not. Because I have succeeded wildly with this idea over my twenty plus years of parenting, I vouch for it enthusiastically!!

Car school may be a novel idea to some. Early in my parenting, we started memorizing scripture verses. It seemed easy enough to work on these while we were driving. We moved to listening to audio books, Odyssey stories by Focus on the Family, scripture songs by Steve Green, geography songs, and math songs. Time spent in the car meant purposeful accomplishments. As the children developed academically, we matured into   memorizing all sorts of academic lists which established our knowledge of the grammar of a myriad of disciplines.

FIVE of the Best Things About Car School:

  1. Memory work is accomplished easily because they are strapped in seat belts and want to hurry and listen to the audio book.
  2. Children listen eagerly (and quietly) to audio books. (Gotta LOVE the quiet.)
  3. Happy kids make for a happy mom.
  4. Kids are distracted by purposeful activity so that they are not pestering each other or whining.
  5. Learning done in the car does not have to be accomplished at another time outside the car.

List of Learning Activities to do While in the Car:

  1. Bible Memory Work – Use Awana for kids ages 2-12. Join an Awana club and watch your child easily memorize God’s Word. Use Bible memory cards and work together as a family. Make your own cards. Memorize a passage of scripture together. Memorize scripture that helps with a character that you want to improve in your home or your life. 
  2. Scripture – Many offerings of the complete Bible on audio are available. Use this to listen to in the car together. We use these on road trips or early mornings.
  3. Audio books –  We love Lamplighter books, anything Odyssey from Focus on the Family, Narnia, Jonathan Parks adventures.
  4. Math – Can be done orally, with flash cards, wrap-ups or songs.
  5. History – This is one of my favorite. Currently, we love Mystery of History, and Henty books. The possibilities are endless in this category. Audio books can be expensive, but consuming this knowledge with speed and ease is worth the cost.
  6. Literature – Look for a reading list that you love. We love the Veritas Press and Sonlight lists. If your child attends a traditional school, there might be a suggested reading list. Locate the audio books for these recommended books at your local library,, or through an on-line site. Just a tip… When we find an author that we like, we start hunting other books to read from this writer.
  7. Grammar – While it sounds boring, many resources offer grammar basics set to music. Nothing makes this subject easier to learn.

In order to be successful with this plan, you will have to defer the temptation to turn on your favorite music. However, investing this time in your kids will prove worthwhile.

While this last idea is not exactly “school”, it can be done when in the car. Planning meetings or family meetings in the car prove very effective. Your audience is forced to be still and attentive. Much is accomplished. Consider car school as a new option for car time with your kiddos.

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