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15 Compliments That Aren’t About Physical Appearance

Recently a friend shared this encouragement on communication that focused around the qualities of a person instead of their outer appearance. (Thank you, Kathleen Coss!) This is so important when practicing social skills, emotional intelligence and friendship development. Consider memorizing a few of the following compliments. Or use these as prompts to create authentic, winning compliments that demonstrate that the receiver is seen and known. Check out these 15 compliments that are not about physical appearance:

  1. You’re such a good listener.
  2. I love how passionate you are about _________.
  3. You are an incredible friend.
  4. Our conversations always make me feel better
  5. You make me feel comfortable to be myself.
  6. I value the time we spend together.
  7. Your ideas matter.
  8. I hope we know each other for a long time.
  9. You have great taste in ______________________.
  10. I never get tired of being around you.
  11. You always make me laugh, even on my worst days.
  12. I am so happy that you are in my life.
  13. You inspire me to a better person.
  14. You have so many gifts to offer.
  15. Your kindness is greatly appreciated.

So, grab a few of these delightful, life-giving words. Stuff them in your pocket for just the right moment. Love your friend or family member with the gift of words that warm deeply. Try them on anytime they fit genuinely. Find yourself seeing others behind their earth suit.

Be magnanimous with kindness!!

Remember…KINDNESS is free!!
Maybe KINDNESS could be one of your superpowers?


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