If you have children, they need to be part of the daily and weekly responsibilities of cleaning and maintaining the space they live in with their family. Remember to expect quality work and inspect a finished job. It is only fair that everyone who lives in a space contributes to the maintenance of the living area. Keep in mind that if your child does not learn to clean, cook and organize when they are growing up, what makes you think that they will know what to do when they become an adult? Most young adults are completely unprepared for adulting. Don’t let your kids be unqualified for independent living.

Expect and Inspect Method- How Parents Teach Contributions For Cleaning



My car was packed. I was inside enjoying the company of family when my phone rang. My sister was calling. I was unprepared for what followed. My mother had been feeling poorly, so my sister had taken her to the emergency room. Suddenly, she was saying a stream of horrifying words.


Pancreas. Stomach. Colon. Uterus. Liver. Metastasized. Malignant.

I know these words. This is fifth time I have walked with family into this journey of cancer.

I cannot stop crying! I am gasping! Nooooooooo!

Three Weeks and Counting – A Cancer Journey




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